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Radio Campaigns

CRStager marketing & audience development is the foremost provider of radio advertising and media scheduling to orchestras around the nation. CRStager spots have been voiced by Oscar-winners F. Murray Abraham, Richard Dreyfuss, and Jason Robards, and also by Blair Brown, Keith David, Barbara Feldon, Rudolph Guliani, Robert Perry, William Shatner, George Takei and others. Copyrighted spots may be sampled below, all rights reserved.

"Christopher Stager is the only person in the country we would consider for our radio spots. No one else offers his combination of encyclopedic musical knowledge, sales-oriented copywriting, and high-level production expertise. He is also eminently reliable, and a terrific collaborator to boot."
- David Snead, New York Philharmonic

"I have worked with CRStager in various capacities since 1997 in very noisy markets where his creative services have clearly enhanced sales. While his strategic advice is unparalleled in our field, his creative and media services have given The Toronto Symphony, Seattle Symphony, The Cleveland Orchestra and North Carolina Symphony unique, in-market brand identity that has allowed our radio to breakthrough and achieve meaningful results."
- Sandi MacDonald, North Carolina Symphony

"We tried a lot of radio angles but the best we've found is CRStager marketing. We call on them for all of our radio spots, ranging from classical, pops, specials, season announcements - everything. In our first year with them single tickets grew 20% over the prior season. Plus they know the business, which means I don't have to explain every little detail to an ad agency. My experience with agencies has been mediocre at best, but CRStager instinctively knows which moments of the music will sell the concert. I can always trust that the copy and accompanying bed will be solid..." - Sarah Hogan, Milwaukee Symphony

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2016-17 Hot Spots:

CRStager marketing has created and contributed to several television campaigns, utilizing existing footage and newly created material. (QuickTime downloads)